Jobcare’s Drop-In Services
Drop in or make an appointment to use our Resource Room or get one-to-one help with your job search

Resource Room

The Resource Room is an open-plan space with the following facilities for use in your job search: broadband laptops, printer, photocopier, phone, stationery, advice.

In Jobcare we encourage clients to treat their job search as a full-time job. For many, this means visiting the Resource Room two or three times each week until they find work. Given the isolating effects of unemployment, we seek to create a community spirit in the Resource Room, where people are encouraged to network and help one another as they search for work.

Jobseeking help

Resource Room staff members are available to assist clients in every aspect of job seeking, from internet research to CV and letter writing, and interview preparation. We provide a personal service where each client is given as much help as they need to identify their skills and experience and present these in a professional way, thus improving their prospects of finding employment.

To make an appointment with a Resource Room staff member, call 01 6773897 or email


The Resource Room is open to drop-in clients Monday to Thursday from 10.00am to 12 noon. (Access at other times is by appointment only.)

Jobclub members (clients who have completed a course in Jobcare) have privileged access to the Resource Room facilities from 10.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Thursday.

To make an appointment outside of drop-in hours, call 01 6773897 or email

CV Help

Resource Room staff members are available to assist jobseekers with CV writing and updating. We provide one-to-one help in our Resource Room to ensure a professional CV.

To make an appointment for CV help, call 01 6773897 or email